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Karon and Robert


We are Karon and Robert Brown, we decided to foster as we had the motivation, time and rooms in our home, it’s fair to say we thought we would be placed with teenage siblings… everything changes and we now have a long-term placement of 5yr & 10yr brothers. We both work and have extended families including grandchildren a similar age.

Fostering has been every word and experience you can imagine, tough, heartbreaking, life-changing, irritating, sad, happy, funny, challenging and worrying. 

Would we change it now? …no.. it is a rewarding and heartfelt feeling when little steps forward occur. From sleeping curled up in a ball to sleeping like a starfish! From running away when perceives trouble ahead to staying and discussing. To big smiles when collected from school, learning to swim and bedtime stories. 

Offering the boys life-changing experiences and an opportunity to be secure is worth everything.