A warm, patient and compassionate environment

awardJessica has offered a warm, patient and compassionate environment to the young people and children in her care. She is currently supporting J who has previously found it difficult to settle in a foster home. As with all the children she fosters, Jessica demonstrated a willingness to support J, remaining positive at each hurdle, which meant the two started to build a relationship.

As their bond grew stronger, J started to confide in Jessica, and the information J shared suggested she was at high risk. Jessica worked alongside social workers and a meeting was held to support Jessica to safeguard J and put strategies in place. Social workers from the LA and from Capstone would offer close supervision and support J to understand the concerns. Thanks to Jessica’s patience, support and understanding, the risks for J have been lowered.

J’s Local Authority Social Worker said: “I have been overwhelmed by the relationship Jessica has built up with J and how positive it is has been. J has grown in so many areas since being placed with Jessica; she has adhered to the boundaries put in place by us with Jessica’s support and guidance. J has expressed how she feels part of Jessica’s family and Jessica has built a brilliant relationship with her; one where J is able to tell her about how she feels and is able to seek guidance and support in exploring her emotions. This is vital for J in order for her to understand her past and have support going forward. I have worked with numerous foster parents, especially those who care for teenagers and I would honestly say Jessica’s warmth, reliability and environment is one of the best I have seen.”

In the photo, Jessica collected owers and an award, to celebrate the support she has provided.

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