Michelle is advocating for the siblings she supports

michelle-advocates-for-the-siblings-she-supportsMichelle has supported M and S since January 2007 when they were just 3 and 4 years old. The children came into care as a result of neglect and abuse. For almost a decade, Michelle has advocated for the children to receive the support and therapy they need and she is still advocating for them now.

When S was given a place in a mainstream secondary school, Michelle challenged the decision and ensured that S was placed in a school that would meet his special needs. He now has 1:1 support within a smaller class and an education path that suits him within an environment where he’s safe. He is goes on trips with his peers, and has developed a keen interest in cars and mechanics after a school trip to Jaguar Land Rover.

When choosing a school for M, Michelle moved home to be within a catchment of a top school that would support M to fulfill her potential. Michelle has taken a proactive approach for M, and works closely with the school to ensure that M has therapy and additional support through the school. M is now excelling at school. She loves Sea Scouts and aspires to be in the army. She recently declared that she wants to join the school Rugby team!

Michelle has said: “I’m not going to stop doing what I do, when things get challenging I will work even harder to make a difference for the children.”

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