Tia is awarded for bravery

tiaOne of the young people we support, Tia, has been praised for the cool and calm way she handled an emergency after she was faced with a mother who had collapsed. The 15-year-old was passing a house when a young child came out and appealed for help saying ‘mummy’s on the floor’. Tia did not hesitate as she followed the child back in the house and found the mother who had suffered an epileptic seizure

Tia helped the woman into the recovery position before calling emergency services, giving a calm and clear indication of the situation.

Local Paramedic, Helen Caddy, said it was Tia’s calmness over the phone which helped the ambulance staff respond to the emergency appropriately.

Tia has wanted to become a paramedic since she was 8 years old and was rewarded with a special ambulance service certificate and a tour of a local ambulance station.

Tia explained “I was quite shocked at the time because I had never experienced anything like that before. I think my instincts just kicked in.”

Ambulance Area Operation Officer, Simon Caunter, who presented Tia with her certificate said; ‘We wanted to say well done for keeping calm and getting help”.

In the photo, Paramedics Helen and Simon show Tia around the ambulance station. This image was published in the local newspaper, Totnes Times, alongside the story above.

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