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Fostering as a single parent

There is a common misconception that you are not able to foster as a single parent. However, this is myth – and it is perfectly acceptable and very common to be a single foster parent. In fact, single foster carers play a huge part in the fostering community. Find out why you should consider single parent fostering with Excel Fostering.

Can you be a foster parent if you’re single?

Yes – you can be a single parent and still be able to foster. There are a variety of fostering requirements and a set of criteria that you need to meet in order to be eligible as a foster carer – once you have met these requirements, regardless of whether you are a single parent or not, you can begin the foster care application process.

However, it’s important to note that fostering as a single parent can often be slightly more challenging than being in a couple. This is due to the demand foster placements have on your life and it takes slightly more energy to deal with these placements on your own – but that’s why there’s a wealth of support and guidance around you from our fostering community.

Why choose single parent foster care

As a single parent, you may be met with demands financially that can lead to added pressure. However, choosing fostering as a career can alleviate some of these financial pressures – as foster care allowances take care of housing, clothing, feeding and other additional costs that come with taking care of a young foster child. Learn more about how much foster parents get paid from our detailed guide.

Another reason why single parent fostering may be the right path to choose for you is the ability to build up a new and fulfilling career that would leave you time to spend at home with your children. Often, single parents struggle with the balance of bringing up a child while providing for them by going to work. As a single foster carer, you can be at home more, spending time with your existing family and your foster children, all while earning enough money to pay the bills.

How to become a single foster parent

Looking to apply to be a single foster carer? Find out more about our fostering process – a detailed process that allows you to transition to become a foster carer as seamlessly as possible. During your application process, you will work with a social worker and attend fostering training sessions.

Find out more information about becoming a single foster parent by getting in touch with a member of our helpful team here at Excel Fostering.

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