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LGBT Fostering

Despite common misconceptions, your sexual orientation will not prevent you from fostering. This can mean that members of the LGBT community can often rule themselves out of fostering, as they believe they may not be eligible due to their sexual preferences. Here at Excel Fostering, we actively promote the inclusion of LGBT foster parents into our community. Learn more about LGBT fostering from our detailed guide.

LGBT foster care myth busting

With many myths surrounding gay fostering, it’s important to ensure that these are cleared up – so we’ve put together the most common LGBT fostering queries to ‘myth-bust’!

Can I foster if I’m gay or bisexual?

Yes – you are able to foster if you are gay or bisexual. Your sexual preferences are not a deciding factor for your eligibility as a foster carer – as long as you are able to meet the initial fostering requirements, whether you are gay or straight will not be taken into consideration during your application process.

I’m in a same sex relationship – can I foster?

If you are in a same sex relationship, you are able to foster. Here at Excel Fostering, we actively seek and encourage same-sex foster couples – so this would not hinder your ability to foster in any way.

Can I foster if I am transgender?

Yes – you can foster a child if you are transgender. Your gender is not a consideration or specification when it comes to assessing your eligibility to become a foster carer.

I’m gay but recently divorced – can I still foster?

If you are gay, this will not affect your ability to foster. You are also able to foster as a single parent – so being recently single would not necessarily affect your ability to take care of a child.

However, regarding becoming recently divorced, this is likely to be discussed during your fostering assessment process. Marriages and Civil Partnerships are significant relationships – and, as the fostering assessment process looks to attain a full account of your life from birth to present, it will be important to discuss the recent marriage or partnership. With divorce can also often bring financial instability, changes to your emotional state and adjustments to your social circle and support network, so it’s important to understand the implications your divorce has had upon your life.

For more information on gay fostering, or fostering as a member of the LGBT community, get in touch with our team of experts. We’re always on hand to provide information and guidance around any fostering query.

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