Identity & Diversity (from the Perspective of an Ex-Looked After Child)

4 hour course

The aim of the session is to question what constitutes identity; to show how this is always changing and how foster carers can provide, support and maintain it while caring for the children they look after.

The course is structured around two films (previously shown on Channel 4) about the trainer’s experience as a black person growing up in a white environment and later meeting his biological mother, providing a unique insight into cross-cultural antagonisms and what happens to identity when a fostered child chooses to find out more about their birth family.

The course will:

  • Make carers aware of the importance of their role in shaping the identities of the children in their care
  • To think about strategies for being proactive in identifying children’s diverse needs and helping them to develop skills to deal with discrimination – discrimination because of colour/cultural differences but also discrimination for being in care
  • Trigger debate about issues of diversity, cultural identity, importance of family loyalties and life story work
  • Emphasise that valuing cultural diversity and life story work can give the child a strong sense of self worth and can help them make sense of their history in care and make choices around their cultural identity
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