Parent & Child Placements

8 hour / 2 day course

Required for those with Parent & Child Placements or have vacancies and are available to take Parent & Child Placements

Parent and child placements are becoming increasingly common. This is a specialist course and it is essential for full time foster carers who are involved in, or are considering looking after a parent and child placement.

The learning outcomes are to assist the development of the knowledge, skills and methods required to undertake this complex and at times difficult and demanding work. The training session includes information on:

  • Complexity and Dynamics
  • Contact Arrangements
  • Contract / Written Agreement
  • Objectivity and Reliability, Influences and Bias
  • Practice Models and Guidelines
  • Presenting Reports and Giving Evidence
  • Purposes and Principals
  • Supervision and Consultation
  • Writing Skills and Practices

This is an 8 hour / 2 day course. Carers must attend both days to receive their certification and become eligible to be put forward for parent/child placements.

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