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Care2Chat with Excel Fostering
What are Care2Chat groups?

As a foster carer we know it’s not always easy to find time just for you…Well, Care2Chat is our way of helping you with this! Care2Chat are informal, supportive meetups for all Excel foster carers.

Who created Care2Chat groups?

Care2Chat groups are Excel Fostering’s version of support groups. The idea was created by our Fostering Forum, to help carers meet other carers, and have a space to relax and talk about all things fostering.

Where do we have Care2Chat groups?

We hold them in local spaces so that our carers don’t have to travel, and can meet other carers in their area. We are always happy to talk to our carers about the best places to hold the meetups, and any recommendations of where we can hold Care2Chat’s are always welcome!

What do foster carers share at Care2Chat?

With Care2Chat, foster carers have the opportunity to share highs and lows and find out what is available to support them when caring for young people. Foster carers get the chance to talk with other carers and share their experiences in a confidential setting. Foster carers can also share activities, benefits, discounts and much more. A member of the Excel team will also be there so that you can ask any questions you may have or share any concerns. There is also always time for foster carers to talk privately.

Who can attend Care2Chat groups?

We encourage all of our approved foster carers to attend. We can also help any carers who don’t know anyone, by arranging meet-ups with one of our buddy carers beforehand to take away any nerves! We love all of our carers to come and join us for a coffee, biscuits and most importantly a chat with people who know what fostering is all about.

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