Anti-Racist Statment

As an organisation working to improve the lives and outcomes of children in care and care experienced children, we know that racism exists, the impact that it can have for those affected.

The rise of Black Lives Matter movement has further highlighted the vulnerabilities and inequality inherent for some member within our society

Anti-racist statement

Racism is corrosive and has been part our societal structures, our language and our behaviours through the conscious and unconscious bias which exists.
It is important to acknowledge the additional intersectionality that class, religion, gender and sexuality have in further shaping our experiences and views or race.

As an organisation that has as its mission to ‘improve the life chances for children and young people in care’ we have a duty to maintain anti-racist practice. To do this we will identify the ways in which we contribute to the problem and commit to actively working for change.

We commit to doing more to tackle racism in all its forms. Talking more, reading more, seeing more, interacting more. We will play our part to create the organisational context for anti-racist practice to thrive. We will take action to make it happen.

Capstone Foster Care Group Commitment to Anti-Racism

Racism is a pervasive problem. It is deep-rooted, entangled in every aspect of the world as it is today: in power structures, cultures, and institutions. 
It is something that each and every one of us must take personal responsibility to challenge. At Capstone Foster Care Group, we have been listening and reflecting in order to develop a plan to not just be a more diverse and inclusive organisation, but an effectively anti-racist one. To this end we have worked with our colleagues in the Independent Fostering Sector to produce an anti-racist action plan which is now in its final draft.

This plan will be disseminated to all of our stakeholders and workshops provided to impart its contents. It provides a framework which underpins our commitment to being anti-racist and our journey to authentic allyship.  

The work to be done is significant. It will take time, resources, and we will in all likelihood make mistakes along the way.

On behalf of the leadership Capstone Foster Care Group, we commit to this work now, as a core and constant value of our agency.

Anti-racism is an active process, not a single event or a checklist of actions, to identify, challenge, and change the values, structures, and behaviours that perpetuate systemic racism wherever they are found. The statement and action plan is therefore not intended to cover all planned work, but rather to set out our commitment, to give confidence and assurance that change is, and will remain, a deeply held passion and commitment by Capstone Foster Care Group.

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