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What is Foster care?

Foster care offers children a safe and caring family when they are unable to stay in their family home

When a child is no longer able to live with their own family, they are placed into foster care to keep them safe. As a foster carer, it is important to provide a safe and loving environment for that child or young person. When a child is placed into foster care, it is either on a temporary or a permanent basis depending on if the situation at home can be resolved. In the UK, there are over 78,000 children who must be placed into foster care because they are not safe at home with their families, sometimes experiencing abuse or neglect.

Should I consider fostering or adoption?

Choosing between either fostering or adoption is an important choice to make if you are not sure what each entail. If the overall goal for you is to make a difference to children’s lives that is great news because both these options will give you that outcome. However, if you are wanting to make this your life’s passion and you want to make a difference to as many young people’s lives as you can, then fostering could be the right choice for you.

Many people confuse adoption with fostering but they are very different. If you were to adopt a child or young person, it would on a long-term permanent basis, and you would have full legal responsibility of the child. This is where foster care is different, you would have placements on a temporary basis, sometimes leading to a long term placement, and the local authority and child’s parents have full legal responsibility. You can view our guide which provides more information on fostering versus adoption.

Should I go with an independent fostering agency or the local authority?

Once you have made the decision to become a foster carer and to embark on this amazing journey, knowing whether to join an independent fostering agency like Excel Fostering or joining a local authority can be a big decision to make if you don’t know what is offered by each.

If you decide to join us here at Excel Fostering, we can provide support 24/7, 365 days a year, as well as extensive support and training to enable you to be the best foster carer you can be. You will also have access to a hub of other carers in your local area, so you have peer support available too.

Over the past ten years, more and more foster carers have chosen to join independent fostering agencies like ourselves because they feel better supported and love the family feel of the agency. We make it our priority to get to know each and every carer, and you’ll get to know everyone who works at Excel Fostering, so you never feel alone and always have someone to lean on if required.

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