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Fostering Forum with Excel FosteringWhat is Fostering Forum?

Excel’s Fostering Forum was formed last year for our foster carers to share their ideas and suggestions. Each area has a representative, who brings the thoughts of their local carers to each meeting. The forum is full of good ideas for the development of the agency and the service. In the short time since the forum framework was launched there have been many great discussions and our team have considered many areas where they would like to make improvements.

Some examples of the great changes the Fostering Forum have made:

Care2Chat  Carers agreed to change the name of our support groups to Care2Chat in order to encourage carers to attend. They felt Care2Chat encourages carers to come and talk about all things fostering, rather than only attending when they needed specific support.

Shared Interests – The forum thought that they could improve networks for helping their children and young people enjoy hobbies that their carers may not necessarily take part in. For example, one foster carer may enjoy going to the football and would be happy to take a young person along with them who are placed with another one of our carers.

Facebook Group  The Excel Carer Facebook group is for our carers to share tips, suggestions and services. This means all of our carers can build their networks and recommend clubs, activities and more in a safe space online.  

We are always looking for ways to improve Excel Fostering and are very grateful for all the amazing suggestions and work the forum have completed so far!

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