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Bev Maymond

Registered Manager

Hi, I’m Bev Maymond and I am the Registered Manager at Excel Fostering. I started my career in 1981 having firstly trained as a teacher and became a social worker initially by accident. I have worked in the Local Authority for 34 years before joining the agency working briefly with the elderly but predominantly with children and families in various districts of Lancashire.

I have been a frontline social worker for children in need, on child protection plans and for those who are looked after and I have also been a supervising social worker before managing both services and then becoming a senior manager later in my career. I thought I was going to retire when I left the Local Authority but missed the pleasure and excitement of working with children and families so much. I feel fortunate to be able to work with an agency that really wants to support carers and help children achieve their aspirations. So here I am still feeling every day is a school day, full of exciting things to learn and wonderful people to meet.

Carol Fortune

Supervising Social Worker

Hi, I’m Carol Fortune and I am a Supervising Social Worker for Excel Fostering based in the North West of England. I began my career in 2008 as a Supervising Social Worker with the local authority working alongside Foster Carers. My role at that time was to support Foster Carers and Children Looked After on a specialist fostering scheme which provided placements for children with complex needs. In 2009 I transferred to a Recruitment and Assessment Team for the local authority, gaining 8 years’ experience in the recruitment, training and assessment of foster carers and adopters. In 2016 I returned to the Supervising Social Worker role within the local authority, as I have always enjoyed the supportive role and working alongside Foster Carers who do an amazing job.

I moved to Excel Fostering in 2018, which has been a positive move and I am really enjoying my role as a Supervising Social Worker working with Foster Carers again. Foster Carers face many challenges in caring for the children and I feel great satisfaction working alongside the carers who make such a difference in children’s lives.

Catherine Doyle

Supervising Social Worker

I’m Catherine, I have worked here for 8 years, initially working in admin and childcare support whilst undertaking my social work degree. I have been a qualified social worker for 3 years now and enjoy my role, I also oversee the monitoring of young people who may be at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation and also Missing From Home episodes.

Before coming to work at Excel, I worked in early years education. I also have experience of working with teams supporting homeless adults, drug and alcohol misuse and domestic violence. I have also spent time volunteering abroad with Syrian refugees and this is something I am passionate about.

Melanie Uttley

HR, QA & Business Development Manager

I’m Mel and I am the HR, QA and Business Development Manager (what a mouthful) here at Excel. Previous roles have been HR and Operations Manager for Delphi Medical, Head of Offender Management at a young offenders prison, immigration case worker and specialist marriage interviewer to name just a few. I like to think I bring to Excel lots of varied experience and enthusiasm to my role here.

I joined the team in February 2016 with three main focus areas, managing, guiding and developing all things staff related; developing our business by working on the marketing strategy, improving our profile, achieving sustainable growth in foster carer applications and supporting tender applications; and quality assurance, working to ensure that all the work we undertake is to the highest of standards and meets all regulatory requirements.

To say my job is varied is an understatement, I do love it though. It has a great mix of people, structure and challenge.

I love that we make a real difference in children’s lives and an added bonus is I get to work with amazing people every day.

Emma Miller

Team Manager

My name is Emma, I am a Team Manager at Excel Fostering.
I have been with Excel since June 2014 and prior to joining the team I worked in a Local Authority Initial Assessment and Child Protection team.

I first heard about Excel Fostering when I was completing my social work degree and I was able to complete my final placement with the them, which is what brought me into contact with foster carers and helped me to realise what a valuable role they play.

I was also impressed with how enthusiastic and motivated the team were to support foster carers and the children and young people in placement with them to achieve positive outcomes. After gaining the experience in front line social work, I was looking forward to pursuing a career within a fostering setting.

Since joining the team, I have worked in the role of supervising social worker and senior practitioner before becoming team manager. I have enjoyed supporting and mentoring colleagues to develop within their roles.

Francesca Hacking

Panel Administrator

My name is Francesca and I have worked for Excel Fostering as their Panel Administrator for two years.

Before I came to Excel I worked in the childcare sector for eight years, including managing a busy children’s nursery. I really enjoy my job at Excel, particularly getting to meet the Foster Carers and hearing about their different experiences. I also like helping to organise events and activities for our Foster Carers and the children that we support.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and I’m hoping to run the London Marathon in 2019!

Hannah Smith

Supervising Social Worker

Hi, I’m Hannah. I have graduated from university with a social work degree in July 2018. I completed my final year placement with Excel Fostering in September 2018 and joined Excel Fostering as a Supervising Social Worker in May 2018. I enjoy my role working with foster carers supporting children and young people in their care aiming to provide positive experiences and helping them achieve their aspirations.

Before working at Excel, I have gained experience of working with adults who may be experiencing social isolation, mild mental health and difficult circumstances in their lives supporting them to develop independence and positive outcomes over one-to-one sessions. Also, I have volunteered at a local youth club supporting children and young people with additional needs and disabilities to promote social inclusion and educational opportunities which I am passionate about.

Jenny Walker

PA/HR Support

My name is Jenny Walker and my job role is PA to the directors and HR support I have worked at Excel for 4 years.

My previous experience was working within the childcare sector as a Deputy Manager of a nursery. I took the decision on a career change with Excel and have never looked back. I worked within the Admin team as Panel administrator before gaining a promotion to PA to the directors, within this role I also provide HR support.

Krysia Hamer

Quality Assurance Administrator

Hi, my name is Krysia. I have worked for Excel Fostering for over 4 years. I have previously worked across all parts of the admin team from panel, training, placements and referrals but currently, my role is Quality Assurance. My background is working with children. I hold a diploma in childcare and previously worked in a nursery for 9 years. I feel humbled to be part of an organisation which is helping to improve the lives of vulnerable children.

Rachel Sweeney - Foster Support Worker

Rachel Sweeney

Foster Support Worker

Hi, I’m Rachel and I work for Excel as a Foster Support Worker. I started in July 2019, based in Burnley and I support foster carers, children and young people. I am responsible for direct support, group work and organising events. I am also involved in the newsletter which keeps foster carers and their family up to date with the latest news.

I have spent the past 4 years working in early intervention and running nurture groups, family massage and pet therapy in schools. I graduated from UCLAN with a degree in deaf studies with law and volunteered for the National Deaf Children Society for 5 years. I am passionate about working with vulnerable children and young people, supporting them through difficult and emotional times.

Lucy Pollitt

Supervising Social Worker

My name is Lucy Pollitt and I am a Form F Assessor for Excel Fostering. I qualified as a social worker in 2008 where I worked for a Local Authority as a Children’s Social Worker for four years. I then began working as a Social Worker for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service in the Prevention Department.

In 2014 I joined Excel Fostering and began working as a Form F Assessor and enjoy this role. I love working for a fostering agency and assessing people in order for them to become great foster carers.

Mandy Robson

Referrals & Placements

Hi, I’m Mandy, I deal with the Referrals for Excel Fostering. My role is to match the incoming referrals with our available carers, I work closely with the duty social worker to make sure we find the best possible match for both the carer and the young person, I have a strong working relationship with our local authorities, carers and colleagues along with a strong commitment to our young people.

I have been with the company since April 2014 and have also undertaken various administration tasks within the agency.

Outside of work, I enjoy socialising with my family and friends and I have also been a Cub leader for 13 years.

Emma Egan

Supervising Social Worker

I’m Emma and I work for Excel as a Supervising Social Worker, I have worked here for over 2 years and enjoy my role supporting foster carers, children and young people.

I qualified as a social worker in 2012 and before joining Excel I worked as a social worker at the NSPCC for 4 years.

Throughout my training I gained experience of working within adult mental health teams, childrens safeguarding teams and within the voluntary sector.

Samantha McNair

Referrals & Placements

Hi, my name is Samantha McNair, and I have been with the company since May 2018.  I work on the Referrals and Placements team and I absolutely love my role!  I have worked in the Finance sector for the last 24 years, and 1 year in childcare, gaining my Level 3 Teaching & Supporting children in school.

I find my job at Excel so rewarding, and I am looking forward to learning all the skills I can to be the best I can be in my new role.

Sharon Wall

Supervising Social Worker

Hi, my name is Sharon Wall. I qualified as a social worker in 2009. I have been a Supervising Social Worker for Excel fostering for four years. I have always worked within a supporting children and families’ role as this is all I have ever wanted to do.

I have various responsibilities within Excel alongside my role as a Supervising Social Worker to foster carers. I am the Placement Supervisor for our students which I enjoy very much. I also run Excel’s Children’s Council and facilitate ‘mini skills to foster’. I also facilitate Excels ‘Parent and Child’ training for foster carers and staff.

I have had previous experience of working for Barnardo’ as a Teenage Parent Worker. I later progressed to become a ‘Statutory Parenting Specialist’ for the Youth Offending Team. Prior to Excel I spent 3 years within the ‘Children with Disabilities’ Team. This role certainly enhanced my communication skills to allow me to support families and children with very complex needs.I was sad to leave this role but having experienced working with foster families throughout my other roles I developed a keen interest in working within the fostering environment. I love the variety of work within my role and never will get tired of seeing that first time a troubled child smile’s.

My way to relax is to go out with my close friends and had some laughter filled nights. I go to the Lakes often, if I am by a river I am happy!! I Have two amazing sons who am I lucky to say still enjoy my company so we do as much as we can together.

Stacey Smith

Supervising Social Worker

Hi, I’m Stacey. I joined the Excel Fostering team in February 2018 as a Student Social Worker for my final placement. I finished my Placement in July 2018 and was lucky enough to carry on within the team as a Supervising Social Worker.

I love being part of the Fostering team as the drive is very much child centred and they are understanding of the outcomes children need in order to thrive within their life. I’m passionate about helping children succeed in their life when not able to live at home and a firm believer in that everyone deserves a chance at life.

Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator

Parvis Iqbal

Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator

Hi, I’m Parvis Iqbal, I am the Recruitment & Marketing Co-ordinator here at Excel Fostering. If you enquire about fostering with Excel I am usually the first person you will speak to.

I started work for Excel in January 2019, bringing with me many years of fostering recruitment and marketing experience.

The team here at Excel are brilliant and have been very welcoming which has certainly made it easier for me to settle into this exciting new role.

You will most probably see me out and about at our recruitment events throughout the year. I love meeting people from all walks of life and learning about their experiences.

If you have thought about fostering or just want some more information I would love to hear from you.

Foster Support Worker

Karen Barlow

Fostering Support Worker

Hi my name is Karen, I started my role as Fostering Support Worker at Excel in January 2019.

My role is to support our children, young people and foster carers by offering 1:1 direct work, support groups and organising social events.

My experience includes 12 years working in support roles with both children and adults across a range of settings including schools, charities, local authorities and in the community. In previous roles, I have worked with children and young people with complex needs, physical disabilities and challenging behaviour.

I love being part of the Excel family and I’m passionate about working with foster families, providing the support and care needed in what sometimes can be difficult and challenging circumstances. I believe that with a little help, a little love and someone who believes in them, our children and young people can flourish.

Louise Stannard

Supervising Social Worker

Hi, I’m Louise Stannard and I’m a Supervising Social Worker at Excel Fostering based at the Burnley office. I had a background in residential care work and began my career as a Social Worker in 2006 in the Care Proceedings team with the Local Authority. My role was to support children and families who were subject to a Child Protection Plan or in Care Proceedings.

In 2010, I spend a year completing Fostering Assessments for various Independent Fostering Agencies and in 2011, I moved to a Supervising Social Worker role with an Independent Fostering Agency, gaining 8 years experience in recruiting, training and supporting fostering families and Looked After Children.

In 2019 I joined Excel Fostering, and I am enjoying being in the team and working with many foster carers by supporting them in bringing about positive change in the lives of vulnerable children and young people. I find this very rewarding and continue to be amazed by the adults and children that I worked with.

Katherine White

Supervising Social Worker

Hi, I’m Kathi. I have been a qualified social worker for 15 years and have worked for the Local Authority for the last 13 years prior to joining the Excel Fostering team in June 2019. I have worked with children and families for over 20 years in a variety of different settings and enjoy trying to make a difference to young people’s lives. Outside of work I like to spend time with my own children and socialising with friends.

Debbie Howorth

Business Support Team Manager

Hi, I’m Debbie, and have recently been successful in the position of Business Support Team Manager for Excel Fostering. I may have met with some of you before or even had telephone discussions whilst in my receptionist and business support role, that I began in September 2019.

The position of Business Support Team Manager recently became available and as I like a challenge and enjoy being part of a large team, I thought I would pop in an application! I hope to continue my career in the long term with Excel, supporting the Business Support Team and the amazing work they do in providing support to our supervising social workers and mostly to our foster carers and young people.

I have almost 20 years experience in administration across a variety of roles within both public and private sectors. I hope with this I can share some of my knowledge and experience and continue to contribute to the excellent work that Excel Fostering and ours do on a daily basis.

I have been involved with some quite exciting projects already in the 10 months that I have worked with Excel, the biggest being the Burnley Hub being established in our new building and ensuring this went as smoothly as possible, along with applying some of my education knowledge to aspects of both staff and foster carer training.

In my spare time, I have a little 4 year old who manages to keep me nice and busy. I enjoy family time during the weekends and holidays where we can. Myself and my husband do like to challenge ourselves in escape rooms and solving mysteries and puzzles, although we are not always a very good team!

I consider myself to be very lucky to be part of the amazing team at Excel Fostering.

Ellie Sharples

Supervising Social Worker

Hi, I’m Ellie. I recently graduated university with a social work degree in June 2020. I joined the Excel team as a supervising social worker in July 2020, based in Burnley.

Before working at Excel, I completed my final year placement with the local authority, in one of their fostering and adoption teams, which I found very rewarding. I also have experience working with adults of all ages, suffering from social isolation and varying degrees of mental health, working with them to create better social outcomes.

I really enjoy working with foster carers and the children and young people that they care for, providing support throughout their journey together. Foster carers provide a second chance for a child and I am passionate about being part of that. I really value the role that foster carers play in a child’s life and the opportunities that they create for their future.

Outside of work, I enjoy going in my caravan on lots of adventures with my family and going to the gym to work off my love of chocolate!

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