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Experienced Foster Carer with Excel FosteringAre you an experienced foster carer looking for a new adventure? Maybe you were a carer in the past and miss the joy and pleasure of looking after children and young people. Whatever your situation is, the important aspect is that Excel Fostering needs people like you to join our team. You know how rewarding it is to give your home and your heart to kids in care. At Excel, we are open to discussing a transfer to our agency with you and provide you with help in making the transition.

Fostering is the same regardless of whether you work with a local authority or with an independent fostering agency (IFA). What is different is the nature of the entity with which you register to be a carer. Each place has its own special culture and character. The big picture remains the same, but the small details vary from IFA to IFA.

If you are new to the idea of becoming a foster parent, it is highly recommended that you get to know someone who is experienced in fostering. During the assessment process, you will meet others who have already been approved and are actively working with us. Some have been with us for years and they are very glad to share their experiences and stories with you.

Not only is fostering a new career, but it is a new network of friends. Each child is different so one story gives you a glimpse into how you can make a huge difference in a young person’s life. The more carers you meet and talk to, the greater understanding you will have of the ways that you can contribute to society in a meaningful and positive manner through working with Excel. If you are a carer, you can increase your helpful contribution to the improvement of the UK’s wider society by sharing the word about the benefits of welcoming looked after youngsters into your home.

Something else that we are proud of at Excel is the praise we receive from local authorities we work with such as, “I have used two sets of Excel carers, both doing a great job with the children placed with them”. We credit the quality of the people who join our team and the sustained support and strong networking among our staff, social workers, and carers for this type of positive feedback.

Sometimes carers who have already been approved with other agencies will ask if they are expected to undertake any training if they transfer to us. The answer is yes. Our own approved carers are also expected to attend regular training. 

With your experience you understand how a placement works and how young people living in a foster family can feel good and grow into the lives that they are meant to have. If you have already become a foster parent, contact Excel. We can answer any questions you may have about how we are different, what we have to offer, the tasks that you would be expected to carry out as part of the daily routine of looking after children in your care, and the range of payments we offer.

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