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Excel Fostering is a small independent agency with a family approach whose passion is all about supporting children and the amazing families and individuals who care and support these children. We are a key placement provider of fostering services across the North West, Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire and actively recruit foster carers in these areas.

To give you a better understanding of the complexity of caring for looked after children in these areas, let’s take a look at the local authorities in Cumbria, where there are six councils: Allerdale, Barrow, Carlisle, Eden, South Lakeland, and Copeland. This is one county. There are dozens of boroughs in the other areas we cover, and each borough council has its own local authority. Rather than list all the areas where we need carers, we can safely say that we need foster parents in each and every county and town in the North West, as well as in all parts of Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire.

There is a good reason why we are actively recruiting carers in these areas. It is not because each local authority has different needs, rules, or regulations. They don’t. It is because every one of these local authorities takes children and young people into care on an ongoing basis.

Excel has arrangements with these local councils and we try our best to have carers in each borough so that children and young people in that geographical area can be placed in a neighbourhood where they feel comfortable. Being able to continue to attend the same school, see their same friends, play in their familiar playgrounds helps children in care maintain a sense of stability.

If you are married or single, male or female, over 21, have a spare bedroom, and have good health, you meet the requirements to apply to foster with Excel. Of course, there are other requirements. We are not saying that anyone can be a great foster carer. What we are saying is don’t make the mistake of disqualifying yourself because you think you do not meet certain requirements. Single men and women make great carers. So do married couples, gay or straight.

It is not necessary to own your home. If you lease your home or live in a council flat, that is acceptable. You do need permission from your landlord to foster but you do not need to own the flat or house. There is another issue that sometimes precludes people from considering this exciting career and that is the matter of having a criminal record.

It depends on the conditions of the offence. If it involves an offence against a child, it would prohibit you from being approved. There are some other serious offences will also exclude you from fostering. It is important that you inform us from the outset of any criminal convictions or outstanding charges. All applicants and other family members will have to have an enhanced DBS check.

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