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Fostering in Cumbria

Fostering in CumbriaCumbria needs 1,200 new foster carers. If you live anywhere in Cumbria and have a spare bedroom, Excel Fostering needs you. We are an independent fostering agency and are one of several who service the needs of looked after children and young people in this area.

Do not eliminate yourself from considering this rewarding career. Here is a short list of what we must have from you:

  • A spare bedroom
  • Good health

The list of basic requirements really is that short. You can be an old married couple or a single young man. You can be a home owner or a renter. If you have a past that includes an unfortunate encounter with the legal system, so long as it did not involve a serious offence such as an offence against a child, we can work with you. We live in a diverse society and we have children with diverse needs, cultures, and languages coming into care.

It would be great if you have had experience working with children but if you have always been childless and have no experience working with children, this is not a hindrance to you being approved as a carer. When you begin the application process, the agency will seek to obtain satisfactory medical, enhanced DBS, and local authority checks. If you have lived outside of the UK, we also conduct an overseas check. We also require three satisfactory personal references and a work reference from a current employer and from any position where you have worked with children or vulnerable adults.

If you have already been registered as a foster carer, we will request a reference from your current agency. If you have children, we will request a report from the health visitor or school. Your supervising social worker will conduct a general internet/social media check as well. That is what we want from you. Now let us look at the types of fostering we need you for.

  • Emergency
  • Respite
  • Short term
  • Sibling group
  • Parent and child
  • Special Needs and / or learning / physical disability.
  • Solo
  • Permanent

Excel has a contract with Cumbria County Council to provide foster homes for young people in all these different categories. We have all the support and resources you need to be ready to provide these services, and we have access to a number of local venues that ensure we can deliver local training and advice, as well as a responsive network of social workers who are always on hand to answer your questions.

We never ask you to do more than you are ready to do, although there is a constant need for your services. This is a career, but it is not hard work. It is rewarding. Your basic nature is loving, patient, compassionate, and caring. You can thrive while being yourself. It is the ideal “work at home” situation, where your parenting and homemaking skills will shine.

Empty nesters who have made the decision to look after youngsters have reported that it was a mood enhancing and life-changing decision to add new young people to their lives.

If you are thinking about becoming a member of our team, please contact us at our office on 01253 712734 or complete the enquiry form below.

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