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Fostering in Lancashire with Excel FosteringExcel Fostering is actively recruiting carers in Lancashire. We have a contract with the local authority of Lancashire County Council to provide foster homes for a variety of types of care and the ability to work closely with our local carers from our offices in St Annes and Burnley. While we rarely can predict what child or children will need someone like you to provide the love, care, and protection they deserve, we can assure you that there is a constant need for more foster parents in the area.

Who do you need to be to become a foster carer? First of all, it would be great If you live in the Lancashire area and have a spare bedroom. Your age, marital status, gender, sexuality, disability, or employment status are not problems. There is one age factor, to be completely accurate. You should be at least 21 years old. When it comes to the upper age limit, there is none.

Whether you have experience as a carer or have never considered fostering before, we are eager to talk to you about making a career with Excel. Speaking of careers, some people have asked if they can foster if they work outside the home. There are circumstances where you may, however, we would have to be satisfied that you have enough flexibility to undertake the necessary care for the youngster.

One of the more frequent types of fostering needs is for placements for siblings. Brothers and sisters are often taken into care together and when possible, we prefer to place them together. The challenge is that each child must have a separate bedroom, although young siblings of the same gender may share a bedroom. They would each need their own separate bed.

During the approximately four months of the application process, our social worker will meet with you several times with each visit lasting about two hours. There are training sessions where you are provided with the information and insight that enhance your natural caring abilities. You also learn about the parameters of being a carer. There are specific regulations on how foster care must be conducted and you will learn these.

You will also meet other carers, both experienced and new to the field, and build a network. It is helpful to connect with others so that you can share your experiences and understanding. Our fostering allowance is generous and covers not only the cost of the child or young person’s needs but provides compensation for your skills.

When there is a placement needed, our office will contact you and provide the details of the young person involved and enquire if the placement suits your current availability. There is no penalty for not being available.

A social worker is always on call, 24/7, every single day of the year. When you have a situation where you need advice or help in the middle of the night, someone is there to provide the immediate support that you require. Think of working with Excel as being part of an extended family with the same goal of providing brighter futures for all young people.

For more information, visit us at 243/245 Clifton Drive South, St Annes, Lancashire, FY8 1HW, telephone us on 01253 712734 or complete the enquiry form below.

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