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Fostering in Morecambe

Fostering in Morecambe with Excel FosteringExcel Fostering has a contract with the local authority of Lancashire County Council to provide foster homes for children and young people in Morecambe. We are an independent agency specialising in finding the best placements for looked after children. There is a shortage of carers across the UK, and Morecambe is no exception. In an ideal situation, it is best if we can place a child or young person with a foster parent or parents in the community where they already have teachers they know and friends they like. We are looking for people like you to become new members of our team.

If you are wondering who you need to be to register as a foster carer, that is an easy question to answer. The first requirement is that you have a spare room for a child, where he or she can have a bed, desk, and a chest of drawers. You need to be in good health and at least 21 years old. As long as you are in good health, there is no upper age limit. Your age, marital status, gender, sexuality, disability, or employment status are not factors when it comes to joining our team. You do not need to have experience as a carer. We provide training and support from the moment you apply, and a social worker is always available to answer your questions and get you the resources you need.

The application process takes approximately four months. Our social worker will meet with you several times, with visits that last a couple of hours each time. There are training sessions where we provide you with the information and training that will build upon the skills you already have. This is when you will start to build your network as you meet other carers. Some of them will be going through the assessment process and others will have years of experience.

If you happen to have more than one spare room, you are needed. We often receive requests to place sibling groups. When several brothers and sisters are taken into care together, we prefer to place them together. Each child must have a separate bedroom. However, it is possible for young siblings of the same gender to share a bedroom if there is room for two beds as well as the other furniture.

As well as the training and networking, you will also receive a generous fostering allowance every week that you have a placement. This covers the child or young person’s needs and provides compensation for your skills. Any placement is discussed with you in advance. You will be given information on the young person and we will make sure that you are available to look after the child. The decision is up to you and we never penalise you for not being available.

At Excel, we pride ourselves on our family feel and strive to build a strong team that is able to help youngsters achieve the brighter futures they deserve. If you have any questions about becoming a foster carer, contact us for more information, telephone us on 01253 712734 or complete the enquiry form below.


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