Mel recently met with our lovely foster carer Laura to have a catch up and and to share her
experience of fostering with Excel Fostering.

Initially Laura thought she was too old to foster at 66, but with nothing to lose she decided to enquire and to her surprise was accepted and began the process of fostering and in her relatively short time as a foster carer, she has already made such a huge difference to the lives and …

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One of our foster families have a real love for animals, especially cats, and having them has not deterred them from being able to foster children of all ages. Tillie who was adopted when she was one from Furry Tails Cat Sanctuary (the heaven of cat sanctuaries) they decided they would like to add another cat to their family. They went back to Furry Tails and met some of the lovely cats needing homes when they came across timid ‘Polly’. She was around three years old and had been a stray for several months when her family moved house and …

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Christmas is almost here and whilst it’s a time for joy and celebration, sadly some will be relying on local food banks to ensure they can get everyday essentials and items to be able to cook basic meals for families over the festive period. We know that there are others in desperate need of help in our local community and we are always willing to lend a helping hand, especially at Christmas.

That is why we decided to contact the Blackpool Foodbank, Fylde Foodbank and Spacious Place Foodbank in Burnley and requested a list of items they are in …

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