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Types of Foster Care

Types of Foster Care with Excel FosteringMany people are put off of becoming foster parents because they think of fostering as one kind of thing, but the reality is that there are many different types of foster care. Just as no two children or young people are the same, it is very rare that their situations or requirements are the same. This is why we provide, not only long-term and short-term fostering services, but also more specialist kinds of foster placements – including emergency, sibling group and parent and child care.

It’s nearly impossible to tell what kind of fostering placement you will receive after becoming a foster carer. The type of placement will be entirely dependent on the needs of the child and the local authorities which have made the difficult decision to remove the child or young person from their family home.

Emergency Foster Care

Emergency fostering placements occur with very little warning and often occur directly after the child or young person has been taken into care by the local authority. These placements are often extremely temporary, lasting until other plans are made for the child’s care arrangements. These placements can also develop into more permanent foster care role should that be the optimal solution for the child or young person.

For more information, please see our dedicated Emergency Foster Care page.

Parent and Child Foster Care

Parent and child fostering placements involve taking in a parent (or both parents) and their  child or baby into care. This allows families to stay together while the wellbeing of the child is assured thanks to your support. As well as caring for any children in your care, your role as a parent and child foster parent is also to support and develop the parenting skills of the parent or parents while we carry out an assessment process to determine whether their child will be safe in their care.

For more information, please see our dedicated Parent and Child Foster Care page.

Sibling Group Foster Care

Sibling group fostering is almost exactly as it sounds. Sibling group fostering involves the caring of a sibling group of children or young people. Studies have shown that keeping sibling groups together improves the foster care experience and allows them to continue to grow and develop in a positive way. We’re also on the lookout for carers who have space in their homes and their hearts to provide care to a sibling group. If you are such a person please get in touch; our team would love to hear from you.

For more information, please see our dedicated Sibling Group Foster Care page.

Respite Foster Care

Respite fostering is a very limited length placement type that is designed to help other carers and give them the opportunity for a break away from their care responsibilities.  This service is often provided to foster parents, and birth parents, whose children may have a disability or other behavioural issues and so are more likely to need a break.

For more information, please see our dedicated Respite Foster Care page.

Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic fostering aims to give children and young people an extra level of emotional, psychological and social support as part of their normal foster care. We provide all therapeutic foster parents with specialist carer training and also provide access to external therapeutic support to help the child overcome any difficulties they may be facing and aid in their positive development.

For more information, please see our dedicated Therapeutic Foster Care page.

As you can see, there are many different types of fostering and so there are many different ways that you could help children and young people in your local area. If you’re interested in becoming a registered foster carer with Excel and are over the age of 21, then contact us today by phone on 01253 712734 or by using our online form.

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