Fill your Nest with the Love of Children.

15th September, 2023

When your children fly the nest, the feeling can be bittersweet. You have done all that you can to prepare them for life, you may be filled with pride as they broaden their horizons to attend university or setting up their future in their own home. However, without them your home now feels empty.

You miss the hustle bustle that having a young person in the house can bring.

Have you considered fostering?

With your own children having flown the nest now could be the perfect time to begin your fostering journey. At Excel Fostering there is no upper age limit as to who can foster, in fact, we find the over 50 age group make fantastic foster carers and we’ll tell you why…

Valuable Life Experience

It’s simple fact that the older you are, the more life experience you will have. It is these unique and varied experiences which will help you to relate to a vulnerable child. Our children come from all sorts of backgrounds, which is why we need all sorts of foster carers from all walks of life to help is match children to the right families, where they will receive the best support.

Previous Parenting Experience

You have raised your children with success, witnessing the highs and lows of a child maturing from childhood to adolescence, into young adults and all that comes in between. Now, fostering is a bit different to parenting but you come from a great starting point and Excel Fostering are with you every step of the way to support you in adapting your parenting style to suit each child.

Your Valuable Time

As you enter your sixties and seventies, whom we still encourage applications from. You will likely have retired or be on your way too it. Having this valuable time to dedicate to a child is worth its weight in gold. Most children flourish under one-to-one care and attention. Plus, as most foster children are of school age you will still have free time to yourself.

Fill Your Empty Nest

Now that your own children have flown the nest you have the space to fulfil the most basic fundamental of fostering, you have a spare room. Each child needs a room which they can call their own. There is so much more to fostering, but it all starts with the spare room.

Foster To Suit You

Fostering is a huge commitment in any capacity. We need kind, dedicated individuals. However, there are many different types of fostering which can suit many different circumstances. Most will have heard of long term fostering, but what about planned break fostering? Or parent and child fostering?

Don’t want sleepless nights with toddlers? Specify you would like to foster teenagers.


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