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We’re always delighted when people want to step into the world of fostering, and even more so when it’s people from diverse backgrounds. If you have a disability and you’re interested in finding out more about fostering, we understand you likely have some questions about whether you’re suitable or if it’s possible.

Equally, if you’re interested in learning about fostering a child with a disability, we have provided information below about what extra consideration you might need to take into account.

Can I foster if I am disabled?

In short, yes - you can foster if you have a disability. We are all about equal opportunities and want to ensure everyone who wants and is able to has the opportunity to foster.

As with all foster care, there are some key considerations that need to be taken into account, such as various fostering requirements. If you have a disability, we will work with you to see what impact this might have on any child placed with you for fostering.

The basics of fostering requirements:

  • You have a spare bedroom
  • You are aged 21 and over
  • You are generally in good health and well in yourself
  • You have the time and understanding to dedicate to any foster child placed with you

If your disability is physical, such as being limited to a wheelchair or walking aid, sight impairment or hearing impairment, as long as you have the time and energy to care for a child without compromising on either their welfare or your own, this shouldn’t limit your ability to foster.

If your disability is neurological or a chronic illness, the same rules apply. As long as you have the time, energy and understanding to care for a child, we will work with you to see how it could be possible to foster and how your setup could work.

Our priority is always the welfare of the children in our care, and we want to ensure that both the child and foster parent can get off on the right foot so everyone has a positive, fulfilling experience. Our team will be delighted to work with you and see how you could start your journey towards transforming the lives of young people.

Fostering a disabled child

Caring for a disabled child is not that different from any other child – and, in fact, many of our foster parents have found it to be a deeply rewarding experience. Regardless of whether your foster child is disabled or not, you will need to possess the same traits in order to become a successful foster carer. We value kindness, understanding, patience, open mindedness, compassion, and a desire to deliver the very best care for any child placed with you.

Disability Fostering with Excel Fostering

The Excel Fostering team will be with you every step of way when it comes to fostering, but especially so with disabled children – as they may have additional needs or specific requirements. For example, we may need to look at aspects of your home in more detail for things like accessibility for a child with a physical disability, or help to set out a strict routine for a child with autism to settle in more easily. Our priority is helping both foster parent and child find a balance that means a happy home environment.

We want to help you overcome any challenges to provide a kind family home for a foster child to feel safe in. We can provide you with fostering training or put you in touch with our extended team if you need to learn more about the specific disability or adapt your home in any way. Supporting you and any child placed with you have a positive, life changing experience is what we do best here at Excel Fostering.

We have many resources on our website that can provide additional insight into fostering disabled children, or fostering if you yourself have a disability. If you’d like to find out more, our team of supportive staff are here to answer any questions. We’d love to hear from you and help you take your first step towards transforming the lives of young people.

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