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How do I transfer Fostering Agency?

Wondering how to transfer fostering agencies? You might be looking to transfer from a local authority or independent fostering agency - either way, learn about how to switch foster care agencies today.

Did you know that it is easy to change from one foster agency to another? It has been made a great deal easier by the issuing of a Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol, which covers any and all factors involved in the transfer. The protocol begins with the recognition that foster carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services. Learn more about our transferring fostering agencies process and how that encompasses the Foster Carers Protocol.

How to switch foster agencies

If you’re looking to change fostering agencies to Excel Fostering, we ensure that our transferring process is current and proactive by reviewing and revising the protocols regularly. This is because there are modifications from time to time in the legislation and regulations governing UK’s foster provider services, it is essential that any actions such as changing foster agencies are responsive to the changes in the rules and regulations.

The Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol England 2014 (reissued 2015) sets a standard for good practice guidelines to follow if an approved carer wants to transfer foster agency. The principles focus on the welfare of any child in placement rather than on financial factors. Any moves must be in the best interest of the child or young person in care and ensure continuity of care for children in placement.

If a foster carer wishes to transfer, he or she should inform their current agency in writing of their desire to make a move. Once the current fostering agency has been notified, the recruiting fostering service may begin its assessment. This is because a carer cannot be approved by more than one agency at the same time, so the recruiting service cannot give final approval until the foster parent has officially resigned from their current agency. Approval is automatically terminated 28 days after a written notice of resignation.

If there is a child in placement, the carer must also give written notice of their intention to transfer to the placing authority. It is possible that a child’s placement will continue with the same carer.

Reasons carers may change foster agencies

There are many reasons for a carer to make the decision to change foster agencies. It could be a matter of finding a service that is a better fit for your fostering abilities and skills or it could be a matter of wanting to move to another area of the country.

Not all independent foster care agencies are the same. However, it is important to know that the rules and regulations are the same for all agencies and local authorities across the UK. The differences between services is typically in their size and environment. Some are nation-wide, others serve specific geographical regions, whereas there are also registered charities and other companies.

Regardless of which fostering service you are with, the demographics are the same. Bear this in mind if your motivation for transferring foster agency begins with the placements you get. For instance, there are more older children in care than younger ones. Any differences to be expected from a change tend to be in the allowances, training, support, and network offered.

Why transfer foster agencies to Excel Fostering?

Excel Fostering is located in, and serves, the North West, Cumbria and Lancashire. We are noted for our friendly, personal atmosphere. We value our carers for their skills, personality, and their compassion.

So, still interested in transferring foster agencies to Excel Fostering? Please contact us by telephone or email today – alternatively, fill out simple contact form below.

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