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Why Foster with Excel?

Independent Fostering Agency with Excel FosteringExcel Fostering is an independent fostering agency. This means that we work with local authorities across England to help provide high-quality foster carers and secure and safe environments for children and young people that, for whatever reason, have had to be removed from their family homes. 

We provide these fostering services because there is a nationwide shortage of foster parents and families across England and local authorities often struggle to keep up with the demand. Independent agencies, such as Excel support city councils and other authorities and help fill this demand – especially when it comes to specialist fostering placements that require more specialised skills and more detailed training. 

Some things are the same when choosing between fostering agencies and local authorities. The main thing being the process of being approved and becoming a foster carer. No matter which path you choose you will undergo a detailed assessment process to make sure that you’ve got all the skills and characteristics required to become a foster parent. You’ll need to attend a fostering panel meeting and answer questions about your background. This will also help ascertain what types of fostering placements you are best suited to. 

The other thing that is the same is the rewarding experience of seeing a child or young person in your care grow and develop throughout their time with you.

That’s what’s the same, but what are the differences? Why choose to join an independent agency, rather than a local authority? 

If you decided to become a foster parent with Excel fostering you’ll be making a real difference to children and young people struggling to find foster homes. Often councils will struggle to place larger sibling groups and older children as many carers prefer the idea of having a very young foster child or even a baby. This means it can be harder to find a caring foster family for teens and older children to love them and a safe new home to live and thrive in. If you become a foster carer with an independent agency like Excel, you’ll be making sure this isn’t the case.

While the levels of training and support can vary between fostering agencies, the training course provision and direct support offered by Excel is committed to providing all the guidance and skills needed in the journey to becoming a foster carer. The Excel support team is available all-day, everyday to offer our carers guidance and advice while our detailed training provision allows for the development of our carers parenting skills – providing professional growth and raising the standards of care we can provide. 

Levels of pay will vary depending upon how many young people you have in placement, what kind of care you are offering and more. Independent agencies are very competitive with the rates they are able to pay their carers.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer with an independent agency, then Excel would love to hear from you. If you’re over the age of 21, are in good health and have a desire to make a difference to a life in your area, then contact us today for more information or to apply. We can be reached by phone on 01253 712734, by using our online enquiry form or by sending us a message on our live chat. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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