8 Benefits of being a Foster Parent


Fostering is often referred to as one of the most fulfilling professions. Not only do you have the opportunity to care for a child as they grow up, but you can alter the course of someone’s life by offering your home to them. Fostering is a very personal profession and what you get out of it is completely dependent on you as an individual - however, we have compiled a list of 8 top benefits of fostering.

1. Make a difference

Of course, the most common benefit of fostering a child is the difference you will make to their lives. Many foster children can often come from difficult or traumatic upbringings, which can lead to them developing emotional scars from this time. That’s why being included in a loving household can alter their perspective and change the entire course of their lives. Your care and love could transform a young person’s future and put them on a positive path for life.

2. Fostering allowances

As a foster carer, there is a competitive fostering allowance you will receive. Our fostering allowance placements here at Capstone are as follows:

  • Therapeutic foster placements – approx. £500 – £575 per week
  • Parent and child placements – approx. £650 per week
  • Standard placements – approx. £400 per week
  • Respite placements – approx. £400 per week

Although fostering is by no means about the money for many people who become foster carers, but it is of course beneficial to know that you will be comfortable if you to take this career path. Learn more about how much foster parents get paid.

3. Generous tax relief

Foster carers also receive certain tax breaks which can further increase the appeal of fostering allowances. Tax relief for foster parents is as follows:

  • You may earn £10,000 from fostering before you have to pay tax
  • You get added tax relief for every week you foster a child

4. A fulfilling career

Fostering is a career. It is something you can work and build on, improving your skills and developing your personal progression along the way. Many carers start off with a short-term fostering placement and develop their skills to become therapeutic foster parents or housing mother and baby placements. There are several routes that a foster parent can go down and the choice is yours. We also offer training and networking events, if you were to become a foster parent with Excel, which aim to help you develop your fostering career.

5. Long term placements

Although most foster placements are short term, there are many that turn into long-term placements. Long term placements allow you to parent and bring up a child while adding another member to your family. The power you have to shape a child’s life in a long-term placement is a strong benefit of becoming a foster carer – and one that many carers aspire to achieve during their fostering journey.

6. Working and fostering

As fostering is a full-time job, it’s common that most foster parents do not work outside of their fostering career. However, some carers can have sporadic placements – such as with emergency fostering – so it’s likely they will also work, or some carers may choose to work because they can fit it round their fostering responsibilities. The benefit of working and fostering is supplementing you foster income with a working wage giving you and your family a bit of extra money to enjoy – however, the needs of the child in your care should also come first. Learn more about if you can work and foster from our guide.

7. Feeling fulfilled

It can feel hugely rewarding to know you have altered and changed a young person’s life. Foster care allows you to be involved with the teaching, development and future plans of a child – your role will shape their life. Read our carers experiences now for some real-life examples.

8. Foster Training & Support

All our foster carers are given access to the very best training and support. Excel foster carers are provided with 14 days respite per year, as well as a social worker who is available to help at any time. We also run an out of hours service so someone is on hand to help 24/7 should you need it. Numerous training sessions are also available to our carers including first aid and managing behaviour. Find out more about our training and support here.

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