Fostering a child with disabilities


In the care system, there are children from all walks of life and who will need different levels of care. Some, however, may require more specialist training and support in their placements, such as foster children with disabilities.

Can I foster a child with disabilities?

As long as you meet the fostering requirements, you can foster a child with disabilities, as you will receive more in-depth training and extensive support throughout your placements. As a foster parent interested in fostering a child with disabilities, it’s important to note that you will need the same skills that are required for any other fostering placement, such as:

·         Patience

·         Good communication

·         Open minded-ness

·         Empathy

·         Compassion

Disability foster training

However, with some children’s disabilities, you may also require specialist training, as some children with disabilities will require extra vigilance, especially if they have a life-threatening condition.

The training and support you need will be provided to you through our specialist training and support programmes. There are a variety of placements available for fostering children with disabilities. Some of these include:

·         Short-term foster placements

·         Long-term foster placements

·         Respite foster placements

·         Emergency foster placements

Support for disability foster care

When fostering with Excel, you will be part of a large network and our team will always be onboard to support you – there will be a range of social workers, therapists and childcare experts on hand. This way we can ensure the child is at the very centre of your care, so whether you need extra specialist training or equipment, we can provide it for you. This means you do not need any prior skills to foster a child with disabilities – only a certain skillset and the willingness to learn.

Can I foster if I have a disability?

Having a disability will not stop you from fostering. There are many foster carers who have a disability and are able to look after foster children. Your suitability for fostering will most likely depend on your condition – if your physical or mental condition would impede you from taking care of your foster child, then this could affect your ability to foster. Our helpful guide about disability fostering will give you an idea of what is required from a foster carer, as well as the support available.

The needs of the child is the sole focus for fostering, which is why it’s important to disclose if you have a disability to our recruitment team as soon as possible. This is so we can provide you with advice on how to proceed with your application.

For more information on fostering children with disabilities, or if you are have a disability yourself and you’re interested in fostering, please get in touch with our helpful team today.

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