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Often, the idea of fostering babies can seem quite desirable to aspiring foster carers. By fostering a baby as opposed to a child, this can often mean they are less likely to have existing behavioural problems, attachment disorders and other pre-existing conditions brought on by trauma, abuse or neglect. However, although fostering babies may sound like an easy job, the hardest part is undoubtedly letting the baby go when the time comes.

Foster care for babies

Babies are often put into foster care because the local authorities have removed them from their biological parents, or the parents have given up the baby themselves. The reasons for this could stem from abuse and neglect to drug and alcohol misuse – but it boils down to the fact the parents are not capable of caring for their infant.

When babies are put into foster care, they are often placed in short term placements with foster families while they are waiting for adoption or waiting to be able to return home to the birth parents. In the cases like this, as a foster carer, you must meet with both sets of parents on a regular basis alongside your experienced social worker, who will help facilitate the transition process.

How to become a foster carer for babies

Interested in how to foster a baby? With Excel Fostering, we will make the process as seamless as possible. To become a foster carer for babies, there are various requirements and a set of criteria that you will need to meet, ensuring your eligibility for fostering babies and new-borns. Find out more information on foster care requirements from our detailed guide.

Mother and baby foster placements

Fostering babies may also come in the form of parent and child fostering – which is a common type of foster care placement. This is where the mother or the father (in some cases, even both) are all placed together in foster care with their baby or child. This is a benefit for both the child and the parent – as not only is the baby being taken care of and is in safe hands, but the parents’ parental skills are being assessed and improved by being on this placement.

With a parent and child foster placement, it’s likely the mother is a young girl herself, who is not ready emotionally or financially to take care of an infant on her own. This would leave her needing guidance and support.

However, it’s important to note that mother and baby foster placements are very different than a typical fostering babies placement – as this involves essentially caring for two young people at the same time. Carers who are interested in this sort of fostering are trained up specially to do so.

Interested in fostering babies, or perhaps looking to find out more about mother and baby placements? Get in touch with a member of our expert team from Excel Fostering today.

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