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Becoming a foster carer in the UK

Interested in fostering? Perhaps it’s been a career path you’ve been toying with for a while – or you simply just want to find out more information? Becoming a foster carer is made easy with help from Excel Fostering.

It’s important to note that fostering can be a full-time career, with the government establishing fostering allowances for a weekly basis for fostering children until they turn 18. Learn more about how much foster parents get paid.

The best course of action if you’re interested in becoming a foster parent is to get in touch with a member of our expert team. Here, we will be able to provide you with detailed information and support on what being a foster parent means, including the demands, fostering training information and more.

Who can foster?

Before becoming a foster carer, you’ll need to meet a specific set of fostering criteria. This is so the right foster carers are chosen to be able to look at young people and children, and you must meet these requirements before applying to become a foster carer. Some of the most well-known fostering requirements include:

  • You must have a spare bedroom
  • You must be over the age of 21
  • You must be in good health

Learn more about the full fostering requirements from our detailed guide now.

First steps to becoming a foster parent

Once you have initially got in touch with our team, Excel Fostering will set up a discussion with you over the phone which will go into more detail about fostering as a career and how to become a foster carer. This discussion will be with one of friendly team members and will be an informal chat so we can provide you with more information to help make your decision.

Next, one of our expert staff will make a home visit. This will give you the opportunity to ask more detailed questions and the advisor the chance to assess the home, and the space, you have available. After this, you will then fill out an application form to allow the social worker to begin the assessment process.

The following steps including attending foster care training sessions and going through certain checks to ensure your eligibility for fostering. For more information on the fostering process, read our detailed guide.

For more information on becoming a foster carer, get in touch with our friendly team today at Excel Fostering.

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